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Something about us

The BGO tract ministry began in 1995. We believe that these tracts fill a 'niche in the market'. The tracts (86 different) are in full colour and on high quality, art gloss paper as we believe that the recipient is less likely to throw something away that is attractive and of quality. It is hoped also that these tracts will get into homes where friends and others of the family will get to read them. We recommend purchasing a sample pack (£5) of all eighty six tracts to both get familiar with the range, and to assess which tracts are best suited to your own needs.

In this nine-to-five busy age we live in, many people, especially in the street, just want to take that which grabs their attention and doesn't appear to be too much of a drain on their time. The tracts are designed to be colourful and attractive and somewhat challenging to the reader. There is also an opportunity on the majority of the tracts for the reader to respond personally to the message of the Gospel.

For some time now, we have had eight of our range of tracts printed in the Romanian language. (These are numbers 1, 9, 12, 13, 25, 34, 44 and 53.) Many thousand of the Romanian tracts have gone East as we have mission links with various Christian organisations and churches in Romania. We also have 20 different evangelistic cards in the Romanian language. These are presented in a clear plastic wallet and are £1 a pack. There is an equivalent pack in Engish.

The BGO tracts have gone out to all parts of the British Isles, and also to Europe, Australia, Africa and North America. We have had testimonies of lives having been radically changed through these tracts, and this has been most encouraging.

If you have arrived on our website and you happen to live in the United States or Canada, you may be pleased to know that we now have a North American arm to the BGO ministry which is called "Lifeline Gospel Tracts". At present, you will find thirty-two of our range of eighty-five tracts on their website which is "hosted" by Mike Waters of "Joyful 'Toons". Ordering tracts from Lifeline Gospel Tracts will do away with the excessive postage costs that are incurred when shipping from the UK, and will also considerably cut down shipment times.


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